When I first started at Adidas R1 NMDs 16 years ago

It’s more a concept at the moment. When I first started at Veste Stone Island Homme Adidas “R1″ NMDs 16 years ago, we had guys downstairs with chisels, because you Polo Manche Longue Stone Island Homme couldn’t print them. Then Pull Stone Island Homme Soldes printers used wax and powder. By today’s standards, that’s so dated. Every year, and every month, Vetement Stone Island Soldes technology is changing. We got into 3-D printing very early. The thing is, you can 3-D print something that looks like a shoe very easily. But to make something you can actually wear Nice Kicks x adidas NMD Runner PK and test and run in, it’s very different. We’re just making sure we’re aligned with current technology. When the time is right, we will launch it on a wider scale.It wasn’t a decision on limiting. It was on getting to know Kanye, and accelerating the process. We haven’t known Kanye very long. I’ve known him for less than two years. He’s incredibly hands on, but to bring a shoe to market usually takes a year and a half or two years. We actually launched the first Yeezy very quickly. But to get to know someone, and get to know their vision, and use technology, takes time. Kanye came to us with a clear vision, but he needed a partner who could Stone Island Soldes empower his vision, and also bring innovation to the table, which he couldn’t do himself. But when you look at the market, there are certain Accessoirs Stone Island Soldes limitations to how much you can produce. It’s not that we want to limit it, it’s that the pace we’re moving at with our relationship means there are certain limitations to how much we can produce. We would like to build that at the right speed. It’s not about the traditional “let’s keep it limited.” It’s about making products we’re both proud of.